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Parent Resources

Bullying is an important issue within schools today.  However, schools can not address the complex issues of bullying alone.  Schools and families must work together to support the health and wellness of our children.  Students must have the skills to recognize bullying when it occurs, know how to advocate for themselves and how to be a good bystander when they see others being bullied.  
At Joseph Gale, we want all of our students to feel safe and to learn in an environment that is free from the negativity that is caused by bullying. We encourage parents to read the information on our website about bullying and to work with their children to understand what they can do to protect themselves from bullying.  
Our parents can contact the classroom teacher, our school counselor and/or the school principal if there are concerns that their child is the victim of bullying. The sooner we are aware of what is happening, the faster we can work to support students being affected by bullying as well as supporting the students demonstrating bullying behavior.  
Working together, we can all create an environment of respect and compassion so every student can become the best that they can be.