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Staff Directory

Name Position  Email Address Phone: 503-359-8103 + Ext.
Fisher, Troy Principal 7701
Harlow, Amy Dean of Students 7717
Saunderson, Nora Counselor 7704
Main Office Support
Name Position  Email Address Phone Ext.
Aguilar, Elena Secretary

Vasquez, Griselda Secretary

Name Position  Email Address Phone Ext.
Rodriguez, Araceli PAWS Nurse 7723
Hollingsworth, Brittany Physical Education

PE With Miss H. Website

Vo, Erica Psychologist 8001
Halvorson, Allison Music 7735
Corbelli, Noreen Speech/Language 7718
Ryba, Laura Speech Path.

Shipley, Susie SPED Facilitator

Smith, Diana R. ESL & Spanish Literacy

Loucks, Erin PALS Teacher 8004
Kotchik, Tyler SPED Facilitator 7712
Blue Natale, Jodi SLC Teacher 7754
Comfort, Eusavia ELD  
Garrett, Sienna Title 1 Teacher 7737
Name Position  Email Address Phone Ext.
Garcia, Nancy Kindergarten 7716
Grenz, Caitlin Kindergarten 7719
Tabor, Janina Kindergarten 7719
Schramm, Ellen Kindergarten 7706
Silva, Heather Kindergarten 7750
Gallegos, Sylvanna 1st Grade 7738
Christopherson, Nicole 1st Grade 7709
Stanich, Stephanie 1st Grade 7708
Thomas, Kelli 1st Grade 7752
Hulsizer, Lainey 1st Grade 7710
Matzke, Ramona 2nd Grade 7746
Fielder, Melanie 2nd Grade 7727
Milligan, Patrick 2nd Grade 7714
Ray, Julia 2nd Grade 7715
Heath, Olivia 3rd Grade 7757
Sands, Erin 3rd Grade 7747
Stronach, Sean 3rd Grade 7739
Wrisley, Cidney 3rd Grade 7755
Jones, Nichole 4th Grade 7733
LeCarno, Brenda 4th Grade 7711
Jones, Matt 4th Grade 7713
Instructional Support
Name Position  Email Address Phone Ext.
Aguilar, Patricia

Ammann, Emilee SPED IA  
Augustine, Amanda SPED IA  
Coffey, Leila SPED IA  
Doyle, Brenda TITLE IA

Garris, Stephanie Librarian

George, Stephanie GEN IA

Gilly, Becca SPED IA  
Golladay, Hannah SPED IA  
Gronseth, Emma SPED IA  
Grooms, Holly SPED IA  
Harmon, Patty SPED IA  
Higginbotham, Chantal PAWS 7723
Holscher, Shannon SPED IA  
Huson, Mary SPED IA

Lord, Alia SPED IA  
Mardian, Ashley SPED IA  
Mata, Maria SPED IA 7806
Ortiz, Melia SPED IA  
Peters, Jeannie SPED IA  
Porter, Lindsey SPED IA  
Reisinger, Sherry SPED IA  
Roth, Kira SPED IA  
Rubio, Guillermo SPED IA  
Schmidt, Cyndi SPED IA  
Silva, Ruben GEN IA 7725
Woodall, Krystl SPED IA  
Garris, Stephanie Library IA  
Young, Connie GEN IA  
Ronan, Sharon SPED IA  
Rubio, Guillermo SPED IA (SLC)  
Thompson, Kira SPED IA (SLC)  
Vaandering, Melissa GEN IA  
Woodall, Krystl SPED IA  
Young, Connie SPED IA