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Counseling Services

Dear Students and Families,


Welcome to the Joseph Gale Counseling Services web page. My name is Nora Saunderson and I am the school counselor at Joseph Gale. During this time that school is not in session, I will be offering information and links to activities to supplement the social-emotional learning that your child has participated in as a part of the Joseph Gale counseling program. In the window to the right, you will find these links.


This is a stressful time and being able to connect can make a difference to all of us as we navigate the changes we face together. I will be available to check in with your child on Google Meet or by phone, if this is something you want to do. You can send me a voicemail or an e-mail to let me know and we will set up a time.


The Committee for Children link below gives you access to the video songs and videos (like belly breathing) we have used in class. Look under the SEL (social emotional learning unit.)


I miss all of you and look forward to seeing you soon!


Here's a link for a free yoga class from Yoga Calm for kids and families. It is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:00-10:45. Zoom link & Info





Who to Contact
Nora Saunderson

503-359-2482 x 7704



School Counseling



# of Counselors in 2019

# of Counselors in 2021

6 Elementary School Counselors (PreK-4)



1 Upper Elementary School Counselors (5-6)



1 Middle School Counselors (7-8)



1 High School Counselors (9-12)



1 Alternative High School(9-12)



High points as a School Counselor in FGSD:

  • Comprehensive School Counseling Program(ASCA, OSCA) endorsed and highly supported by the Forest Grove School District
  • Competitive salary schedule(on back)
  • School Counselor to student ratio is approximately 250:1
  • School Counseling Mentorship Program for new counselors
  • Meet monthly with District Counselors PreK-12
  • Meet monthly by level(PreK-6 & 7-12)
  • A focus on equity with decisions made for our students & families
  • Adopted school counseling curriculum
  • Work closely with District Office personnel to augment existing and developing programs/systems
  • Opportunities for leadership at the building and district level
  • District funds available for tuition reimbursement or conferences annually
  • Behavioral Health & Wellness teams that involve School Counselors
  • Work as a “team of School Counselors” to meet the needs of every student

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